Self aware African technological contributions


Going forward, it’s essential that African entrepreneurs be mindful of the roots of past successful innovations — namely, finding solutions for local problems and that’s at the core of the business vision and mission of Vatebra Limited.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure should not be imported into the world’s emerging economies. Instead, investments should be made into growing sectors, seeding applied research and allowing the local economy to create and grow their own base.

If we’re going to solve local problems, then we should also look locally for the solutions, and support them.

At Vatebra, our mission is to take the African challenges head on using technology to provide solutions that make life easier.

Point and case is our telemedicine, an online hospital system that solves the problem of crowds in hospitals and allows the patients to be queued and consult doctors online. This saves the patient and the country time wasted and solves the problem of overcrowding during these times of keep distance.

Research has shown that countries such as Kenya and Nigeria are implementing ICT-enabled trade facilitation initiatives and outlines the key role that Africa’s Regional Economic Communities can play in supporting greater regional integration for boosting economic growth and reducing costs.

Africa is rapidly becoming an ICT leader. Innovations that began in Africa – like dual SIM card mobile phones, or using mobile phones for remittance payments – are now spreading across the continent and beyond.

The challenge going forward is to ensure that ICT innovations benefit all Africans, including the poor and vulnerable, and those living in remote areas.